Our next camp will take place July 8 & 9, 2017 in Charlottetown!


Join us for 2 days of fun for children, teens, families, adults and seniors! Our workshops are scheduled around group sessions from beginner to advanced levels and one-on-one sessions are also available – contact Ward to book a one-on-one session with any of our instructors.  

H O W   W E   B E G I N
We begin on Saturday morning with a class called All Together Now, which includes fiddlers, pipers and accompanists of all levels. We choose a tune to teach, make sure none of the students know it already, and we arrange it. This is the opportune time for students to record it, so  bring a recording device . Then we split into different instruments and levels and teach it. Before the end of the block, we all gather again to play it together. We’ll repeat this format throughout the weekend and do other things as well.

W H A T   C O M E S   N E X T
Over the course of the 2 days you'll experience a variety of teaching methods. We focus on developing your ear through guided ear-training, but we also use some sheet music, singing, and dancing to demonstrate the finer points of ornamentation and rhythm.

We also mix in what we call ear stretching classes. Fiddlers and pipers are invited to participate in the same class with a fiddler or piper teaching a tune. It's an essential exercise to challenge your ear to learn a tune from a different instrument than you play. Instructors will use movement and singing to assist with the learning. Ear stretching classes have been a huge hit at PEI Fiddle Camp for the past 7 years.

S P E C I A L   N O T E S
On the draft schedule you'll see classes marked "Inter.(mediate) and adv.(anced)" - don't fret over what level you are, just show up, we'll help you find a place.

Smallpiping” will encompass Scottish smallpipes and Border pipes – any A440 bellows- or mouth-blown smallpipes or shuttle pipes will be appropriate.

Accompaniment” classes will be lead by Zakk Cormier who will mainly present guitar accompaniment for tunes. Other instruments may also sit in (as Zakk also plays basspianomandolin and banjo). Accompaniment classes may include exploring rhythms (strumming patterns) for various types of tunes (jigs, reels, waltzes, marches, strathspeys), phrasing chords in cool ways, substitute chords, arranging sets, etc. You can also geek out on theory with him if you want to – it's wide open!

"Piano Accompaniment" classes are not on the schedule, but one-on-one sessions with Richard Wood are available if you inquire with Ward.

A Youth Fiddling Class will be offered for children (5-8 years-old) Saturday from 9am – 3:15pm for a cost of $80. The class is intended for children with some playing experience (if your child is a raw beginner, please speak with Ward). Parents are NOT allowed to attend the youth fiddling class but are strongly encouraged to participate in the Island Gaelic Mouth Music class at 2:15pm free of charge :o).

Na Puirt Bhlasda (Tasty Tunes) is a session in Island Gaelic Mouth Music for fiddlers, pipers and anyone interested in picking up some puirt-à-beul (Gaelic mouth-music) from archive recordings made in Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton. Learn to sing the Gaelic words to some local favourites at Island cèilidhs and to keep the tunes going when you don't have a fiddler or piper around! No previous knowledge of Gaelic required, just your ears, voices, and a sense of adventure.

M E A L   O P T I O N S
Attendees are welcome to bring lunches - kitchen facilities are available (microwave, fridge, hot water, etc.) or you may join a gang of us who will be heading to the Old Triangle for lunch.  

PEI Fiddle Camp is being presented in association with the Holland College School of Performing Arts. Camp will take place at the College's downtown campus in the Music Performance building at 275 Kent St. in Charlottetown